Private Lessons

Not interested in learning in a group setting or want more detailed 1-on-1 instruction to level up your dancing quicker? Consider enrolling in private lessons. I’m a traveling dance instructor, so I can make the necessary accommodations to teach at a location of your choice, be it in the privacy of your own home, at your local LA Fitness, at a local dance studio (depending on availability), at a park, whatever you wish.

Private lessons tend to cost more than group classes, but have a higher learning potential to cost ratio. I also have multiple tiers of pricing depending on the level you wish to learn at.

$70/hr is the basic tier. This level is designed for beginners. We’ll go over basic patterns and partnerwork in the style(s) of your choice. If you can’t decide on a style we can go through a sample platter of all of them until we find one you like, or maybe you’ll like all of them and want to learn them all! When you’re done you’ll be able to survive on the dance floor and have a good time with just about anybody.

$90/hr is the intermediate tier. Once you pass the beginner tier we’ll go more into more difficult patterns, learn how to chain them together smoothly, and how to be a more effective lead/follow. We’ll also start putting more emphasis on technique to make your dance look much better so that you’ll stand out on the dance floor and make more people want to approach you for dances.

Contact me to schedule your private lesson.